Saturday, May 3, 2014

One fine ordinary day

a monologue

You woke up 
Got dressed up
Choose your clothes 
Strut you go 

You feel accomplished 
You feel like you've made a fashion statement for the day 
Never because you're a fashionista...don't even mention fashion diva
Simply because you always feel that a black top and white bottom works double the charm of the opposite.....later on you found out you were all right all along

So off to the crowded MRT you go 
Drowned in world of bie-phone 5S adventure
You feel good ! Fantastic even !
This piece of black top must have been the best linen arrangement ever landed on your fair wide torso 
It's so soft, so airy, so....perfect ! 
And that's probably the reason why you bought all 3 different colors of them. 

Well well ...wad else could it be ? 
It's just got to be ...... the last addition of your large arrays of collectibles.....
In your own words : It's undeniably the most comfortable fashion at its perfection! 

So with eyes closed.... drowned you have been in your own world of happiness 
Like every hear beat of yours beaming in professional feeling kind of sensation
You couldn't care any less anything surround 

Finally about to board off the train
Checking around to ensure a safe passage is secured towards the gateway 
There you find .... all along.....standing right exactly behind you all this moment

The same black piece of perfection safely hanging on the pretty petite body of le fair lady 

Well well... 
Wad else could it have been ?
Undeniably.....definitely.......surely.... non-arguably 
The most common comfortable fashion at its perfection ! 
So common you'd find it anywhere, everywhere under the Sun....or train roof for your matter

But well..
Who cares ? 
You still love uniqlo
in many kind of ways 

What a one fine start of another random ordinary day

epilogue dialogue:
J: Mel! I like your look for today professional 
bie : Thank you....... (brain whispering : I already knew:) Cheers for black top & white bottom)

bombie {=^o^=}

Sunday, April 20, 2014


That's pretty much my situation currently
I've been....K- WAVED

Ngomong kasarnya gw kena attack by K-Pop and I'm hurt pretty bad....sampe2...yah blog ini kena abandoned... 

Then slowly but surely....hidup gw semakin berubah....minimal 145 degree for now ! 
Food, style, movie lists, Itunes song lists, variety show lists, even language choice ! 

Who would have ever thought I once really.....can't stand ppl who talk on K thing NON STOP yg sometimes kl ngomong sampe sepassionate saksi Jehovah :P 

Erm... gw masih tetep ga tahan orang2 spt itu kok.... karena itu dengan segenap hati gw berusaha sekuat tenaga.....supaya gw jangan sampe mengarah kesana juga :P HAHAHAAHHA :P so gw cuman ajak ngomong orang2 yg ....demen ngomongin K thing too :) 

At least for's pretty obvious kl gw macham like under some kind of K spell
and.... I'm not trying to break away ...he..he..he..he

Coz I know myself too well
that one day this too shall pass
all my fascination to SYTYCD, Glee, all thing Stepping up, all things american, Fashion outlet, In and out burger, El polloloco, Danny's, ono Hawaian BBQ, vics secret, bath and body, forever ji chap it....(OH NO !!....suddenly missing US badly)

All this fascination will only last that long that much 
amat sangat gw bener... 

10 taon di company yg sama... 
tapi belon tentu gw bisa keep 5 taon of excitement di hal yang sama 

let's see how long will this WAVE last :) 
*bodywaving goodbye*

Anyeong :) 

Wednesday, April 16, 2014


Boss : Mel Mel !!
Bie : Ho ? 
Boss : *lowered down* .... got see XXXX today or not ? She looks like giant aquarium !!!! 
Bie : *peek a bit...then....* ..... HAHHAAAAHHAHAHA !@#$%^&*()__)(*&^%$# *pengsan* 

Trust my Boss to come out with such "fantastic flowery" words on fashion sense :P
U're the best Boss !!.... always .....bitchy in your own words and world....yet a very kind sensitive soul deep down inside :P ha ha ha

anyway : hellow blog !! 
Urimaneheyo (long time no see)

en..... the K-wave stricken girl who since left this blog abandoned is....again....signing off ....
Yeorobun.......Anyeong !! Till we meet again .....ta ta :) 

bie {=^o^=} 

Sunday, June 23, 2013

Breaking my silence

I'm well aware that this blog is kinda living in an abandoned status and I'm like...i care but don't really care like that ? Hee hee 

It would have taken sth big for me to break this silence...and big it is indeed 

By this posting ... I'm in the midst of my Israel trip, exactly a week has passed since the day we landed...we have now come to stay at the last leg of the trip..Tiberias. Before that we were in Bethlehem and Jerusalem. 

Why this trip worth breaking my silence ? 

Well...firstly I suppose coz it's my first summer holiday ever ! I never really had summer holiday before...where business is still running like a horse in charge and sun block being made as part of to bring list

It's used to be boots and shorts and sunnies are a must

Secondly, it's probably due to the important fact that we are in...Israel...the Holy Land..the land where Jesus walked, breathed, taught, crucified and resurrected. More than anything it feels like a full pilgrimage than holiday. 

Thirdly, probably coz it's my...or to be exact our ( me Gill Raimond Jenita Amel) "strangers" trip. Other than TLG, we probably are not affiliated in any other way...not even the same cell group. So everyone is kinda learning and adjusting to the travel behavior of each other. Okay with Jenita as exception as this is like the 4th time that I travelled with her HAHAHAHA

Lastly, where in the world have  I ever had a holiday where the traveling starts at 8.30 max and ends as early as lunch at 13.30 PM..leaving us with SO MUCH free time to spent the rest of the evening in the city where WIFI is limited to lobby, the TV goes as boxy as my 1980's TV back do the TV shows....a city where we the metropolitan cultured kiddos would spend most of our free time cozying up at Lobby uploading instagram pics , wadsapping, facebooking and wondering how to spend the rest of the night when the sun goes down only at 8 PM plus..and it doesn't seems like time will travel anytime faster leaving you with the best choice one can ever have that's to sleep by 11 PM... In Jerusalem, we even walked back through via delarosa to our hotel... Experiencing the smell of spices around the neighborhood seeing a good mixed of Jewish, Palestinians and tourists all around the world crowding the old and ancient road.....While at Bethlehem we walked half an hour long to go Bethlehem City Centre for a KFC supper !! Speaking about recharging holiday !!

It's certainly not like the usual kind of holiday where the day started at 10 AM, coming back wrapped up in my shawl and coat, freezing, carrying lots of shopping bag and reaching the hotel or home back at 8 PM or more...tired, drained exhausted

It's my holiday like no other...heck I don't even start my day at 8 AM back in SG 

and...I feel different.... It doesn't feel like a holiday.... Feels like an adventure.....  such a unique free and easy summer holiday experience

And the take aways from the trip ? Well I will read bible thoroughly  and.... I shall try to wake up earlier haha

Saturday, April 27, 2013

Melan melin melancholi-cing

It's raining outside my window pain 
On one Sunday morning plain 
As April coming to an end 
With 2013 rushing it's game 

I lagi nangkring di meja makan, di ruang recently new extended room gara2 AC jebhol
Nungguin ujan berenti dikit, while bentar lagi siap2 going to Bible Camp games trial... 

Though ini ujan kayak ga mo corporate ini...masih pouring ajeh :P 


Bible Camp 
Setelah gw itung2 ini bible camp gw yg ke 13 di Taon ini :P 
2013, bible camp ke 13 :P 
haha, ironis emang kl di dengerin: one 32 year old adult is still here going to Youth Bible Camp 

Tp ga ironis kl dirasain oleh the 32 year old adult here 
yg msh ngerasain berkat Tuhan yg luar biasa @ each BBC :P hehe :) 

anyway lagi 
ini ceritanya lagi posting melan aja.. 
Ujan bikin hati jadi melan melon getoloh bok 
En I had a damn good sleep today :) Thanks to UJAN :) 

hhh....2013 so far has been something yg....full of surprises
Dr Surprises yg enak....sampe yg super ga enak... poll.. 
banyak ga enaknya seh ..... 
andai gw bisa cerita semua masalah misah misuh hati gw di bulan ulang taon kemaren...
or insiden april ini.... 
(benernya bisa...cuman dengerin Live kan lbh enak banding baca misah misuh hati gw yg seliweran, kayak benang kabel belibet) 

Intinya ... I harus banyak belajar to humble myself... 
And more than anything... emang cuma Tuhan satu satunya pembela umat Nya 
Luar biasa dah Babe God !! 

Penutup dari posting ngalor melan ini 
I cuman mo Thank God for a great partner in TLG Danz 
Miss Sexoy Gillian Sastra
who makes me learn that: 
It's a must for one to have a strong praying partner in any area ministry of life 
Tuhan cinta kl ciptaan-Nya bersekutu
Not just to agree 
but to agree to dis-agree to move on to find common agreement 
to lean on each other's strength 
and cover each other weaknesses
all in all, to glorify God in all His great wisdom

mari maen ujan 
*aduh buyungggg

bombie {=^o^=}

Monday, April 8, 2013



after more than a month of hiatusing in blogging world...kesannya kayak abis dari camp pengasingan geto....hari ini gw mo angkat huruf dan angkat suara cuap cuap

jadi gw MC hr ini...MC ini hubungannya sama cycle cewek gw yg makin tuir makin aneh...en selama ini gw cuekin thinking itu normal, baru tadi dokter yg gw tanya itu care much to explain all the possibility of what it is... emang bener si Janice !! ini dokter lumayan ... walaupun ujung2nya hasilnya ga geto enak. Urusannya sama fertility rate... yg emang ga jadi concern sekarang tapi kan ga tau kedepannya gimana ?? Iman I msh kenceng kalo aye pasti married and punya anak !! *AMENNN (yg kenceng) jadi pikiran sekarang lah... God will have His way !! 

So I just wanna talk shortly bout : hugs
Inspired by postingannya Gill yg dia breakdown, pulang langsung nangis di hugsnya Raimond en kayak ada kekuatan transfer.... 

Gw jadi keinget2 those meaningful hugs in my life
Growing up as Asian....en dari keluarga Chinese yg ...well not really totok tapi ... tetep dah Chinese... 
Hugs itu is not universal language of care
Lah Mak gw di pegang pundaknya aja ....commentnya : berat Cie... :P capek dah Mak.. 

So when we finally get those hugs, esp in our most down moment ...itu berasanya kayak ada transfer kekuatan dari hugger and hugged ppl geto ga seh ? hahah ... gw seh geto.. and that's why...hanya segelintir of those hugs that I remember very well today and here they are: 

1> Hugs from my mom waktu gw kesetrum waktu kecil. 
Diakibatkan gw anak yg cukup....well, bikin jantung orang tua sehat... jadi waktu kecil out of my curiosity gw ambil this metal hook and masukin ke something yg kayak listrik port tp ga juga.. (penasaran geto)..jadilah kesetrum, mak gw sadar tarik gw dan dia ikut kesetrum... orang ketiga tarik baru lepas semua... en gw nangis kejer and I just lay in her hugs

Mak gw, off course marahin gw ... hahaha u think one can get off so easily ? No gw tetep dipeluk...and I remember this

2> Ini yg seumur idup gw sangat jelas di ingetan gw dan ....will always be clear and fresh in my mind just like yesterday
So gw cek mata ke dokter mata gw yg cukup terpercaya buat triple confirm kecurigaan orang yg bilang gw dah minus 10. Ini gw umur 11 waktu itu

En yesh, dokter pun lemesh buat bilangin, I think it's true...ini near 10. Yah anak umur 11 tau apa seh soal kesehatan mata ginian ? Gw selalu cuek soal mata gw sampe that moment when it hit me... 

MINUS 1000 coy !!! Deket buta !! Itu pertama kalinya gw sadar how bad my situation is, en pertama kalinya jg I feel so bad towards my parents esp my Dad yg superrrrrr superrrrrrrr concern soal mata gw (till this day btw)

So waktu gw en my mom jemput bokap di Toko (waktu itu masih di Ratu Plaza), and she broke the news to him,  then gw (umur 11 ya tinggi dah 155 lewat) suddenly nangis break down and hug bokap gw sesungukan... saying sorry to him karena gw ngerasa bersalah ngecewain dia dengan mata gw !! Amazingly gw yg dah takut dimarahin !! Cuman dihibur, dihibur, disayang doang :P 

Jadi ga mungkin I forgot this hug .... never 

3> Ini waktu bokap masuk rumah sakit. Gw di rumah jagain dede gw en nyokap baru pulang dari rumah sakit. Nyokap pulang, and then suddenly she broke down sesungukan saying " gimana kl ga ada Papa ??? Mama ga bisa kl ga ada Papa !! Gimana yah Papa ??"

Yg berbalikan, jadinya gw yg hug dia (reversed role)... and my 21 years old me goes to mature mode and ask her to think positive and say that whatever will happen, we can face this together, with God. I told her there is no time for her to be weak right now coz my Dad needs her faith and strength !! And then God, is in control.... 

4> Ini waktu kuliah lagi, when I got B+ for something that I was so sure will be an F !! Gw ecstatic, cried out and hug my Dad, who cried !! haha :P 

5> Waktu kuliah di Untar !! 
Ini acara bursa bukunya Senat Untar. Gw and another guy are the MCs. We did something wrong dalam urusan urutan nama rektor geto. Ceritnya rektor yg tadinya ga harus dateng, eh suddenly dateng. En ada lah politik sana sini. Cuman jadinya gw en temen gw tetep stick to script yg mengakibatkan rektor yg jabatannya lebih tinggi, jadi disebut duluan. Bukan puncak acara geto. 

Waktu evaluation, it was pointed out so publicly semua kesalahan gw en partner gw. I felt I've let the whole Senat Untar down. Gw sedih banget waktu itu (lah gw inget sampe hari ini cuy !!) 

At that point, temen gw yg dah kenal gw dari gw SD, SMP, SMA sampe kita masuk Untar en ikutan Senat Untar bareng, David FK, ada disana juga . He knew what I'm feeling

Waktu acara dah mo selesai, gw, partner MC gw, dan David FK duduk2 di luar ruangannya. He hugged me and forced me to cry on his shoulder. This hug goes into my top 10 hug history as one of the most comforting hug :) 

6> Waktu kuliah lagi, when one of our best friend leave us for studies in USA. Gw en Marina, in unison, hugged each other and cry sesungukan saying goodbye and strengthening each other. 

7> Waktu gw kuliah, gw mo bikin baju di Indo. Terus, entah udara Indo, entah kenapa dah... nah gw mo pingsan :P So I told my mom, who hold me with her arms and gw dah setengah pingsan itu.. she just holds me and push me against her body. Biar kata gw pingsan, gw tetep berasa enaknya pingsan di pangkuan mama :P  Bedain sama pingsan gw di taon 2009 yg ketemunya  batu lantai depan rumah gw... ahahahaha :P 

8> And the most recent ones are in the later years, is Nasi Boengkoes hugs ! Which are too many great hugs there in a day but the best, to me, will be the hugs with Elrica before and after the show !! 


Gw yakin Gill juga dah banyak banget di hug sama Raimond (yah iyah lah....lakinya loh geto...) but that hug that she experienced yg sampe masuk blog of famenya getoh, is one of the hugs in her best top 10 with Raimond ....tul Jeung Gill ?? 

There are hugs.. 
and then..
There are.....hugzzz

Hugs that will go down to one life history
as the best moments one have ever experienced 
in one's life 

hug more, or hug less
we choose

most importantly 
give a good measure of hug 
a sincere, caring, power-transferring hug 

Coz we'll never know
It might be one of the best hug one have ever received !!

bombie {=^o^=}

Tuesday, February 12, 2013


Nungguin pesawat yg msh satu stengah jam lagi...,
Salah gw sendiri pagi bener dateng ke Airport Jkt.
Dr rmh jam 3 siang ke artha gading buat cek mata. Mathnya gw itung yah pls telat jam 4 dah sampe.
Taunya 3.40PM.

Selesai gw itung2 maks jam 5. Tp krn gw early (en kiasu) jam 4.30 gw cabut dr gading. Itupun gw dsh sempet ngobrol sm Tante Hengky (bokap wanti2 jgn ngobrol)

Dr sana sampe bandara just another 40 min again. Itupun supirnya msh model slow mo...gile jakarteee kl loe selalu kayak gini seh cintaaaaaa bener gw sm loe !!!

Tp skrg ini need to rot for another half an hour....

Bosennnnnnnnnnnnn aih aih !!

Monday, February 11, 2013

Tambang minyak

Karena ati gw udah sedikit tenang akibat CNY gathering, marah2nya gw tunda dulu deh soal 6.9MM penduduk.... sambil ngarep2 pemerintah bikin MRT 3 layer kl sampe itu kejadian... 

Anyway : tambang minyak !! 
Kl gw punya udah ga kerja kali sekarang !! hehehehe :) Pasti kerjanya gw jadi producer musical aje deh sepanjang taon !! Cari story, cari talent, cari venue ...en segala embel embelnya.....

Sayangnya, tambang minyak yg gw punya cuman minyak di wajah gw :P hehehehe :) Jadi postingan gw kali ini mungkin ga penting pada bagi khalayak ramai. Masalah minyak di wajah en perawatan wajah :) 

Sah ..... kayak jagoan ajah gw :P muka gw sendiri asli kagak mulus2 bener !! Buat yg kenal gw dari zaman sedikit jebot, pasti pernah inget fase muka gw yg WOW !! Kayak kawah gunung meletush yak !! 

Sampe kelas 5 SD (sebelon puber), kulit gw termasuk salah sembilan atau salah sepuluh dari anak2 angkatan gw yg mulush bersih putih. Sampe datenglah kedewasaan, menjemput pergi kemulusan wajah gw... saat itu saya masih berusia 12 tahun (nostalgila mode)

Sejak saat itu, goodbye fair and smooth skin !! Though emang ga separah dede gw, muka gw udah ngalemin fase pergi ke dokter di jakarta, facial sampe berdarah darah, tidur kayak dracula alias muka super putih karena sekujur muka pake Clearasil full terus ditumpuk bedak herocyn  (masih inget ga clearasil ? Obat jerawat paling tenar bin kesohor buat anak2 yg seangkatan gw, bukan babe gw, simply gara2 iklan dia di tepe cukup uwaw uwaw geto). Some other days, gw udah pake ramuan alcohol campul purol campur herocyn taro di muka.

Eh masihhhhh aja...kemulusan tak kunjung datang, jerawat tak kunjung pergi. 

Sampe, di taon 2008 waktu gw balik dari China trip yg bikin muka gw busyett dahhhhh .... parah pol jerawatnya, gw decide buat end this agony !! Ayoh cari dokter pro di Singapore yg bagusan en udah terbukti hasilnya.  Mahal dikit, tahanin ajah !! Kencengen ikat tali pinggang !!

So pergilah gw ke dokter tenar di Toa Payoh, yg gw dah liat hasilnya di muka temen gw yg literally glowing !! Bersinar gitu (ga lebay !! ) Hasil dari si dokter itu bukan instant abrakadabra tring tring keluar muka baru dalam 2 minggu tapi yah ...... 

Dia kasih gw 2 option. Jalan mahal 2 minggu (400 - 500 dollar) en jalan murahan dikit (200-300 an for couple of months). So I took cheaper 6 months, painful steps, dimana ini muka ngalemin fase uler alias peeling nnnnnoooooonnnnn stop, yg kl gw pake kaos item lap muka gw, langsung itu kaos jadi kayak abis lap kepala yg full ketombe  !! 

Kadang kl iseng, gw ambil anduk yg cukup kasar buat skalian ngamplas muka gw pas lagi mandi !! Puash rasanya copot semua tuh kulit !! In between 6 bulan itu juga, muka gw jadi semerah kepiting, en pernah pori2 gw sempet jadi gede bener, leibh gede dari jeruk :P 

Setelah 6 bulan sakit2....akhirnya muka gw ngalemin pencerahan !! It started to be mulush-er and it started to glow.... dan sejak mid 2008 muka gw udah ngalemin fase "Thank you Jesus!!" Sometimes berasa kayak abish pake SKII ( 

Ngalor ngidul ngomong gini banyak, gw cuman mo bilang gini seh benernya :

1> Masih ada harapan buat siapapun jg yg mukanya kagak mulus seperti gw !! Yg penting, find good doctors !! If you wish to find out mine, I will gladly tell you. Dia ga terlalu mahal jg banding beli SKII atau perawatan lainnya.Dulu gw sempet berpikir there's no hope for my face. Sampe gw dapet pencerahan en terima kenyataan, ada harga ada barang !! hehehe

2> Muka gw ini....OILY !! Dot!! Dari kecil, ini muka kayak tambang minyak. Tau keisengan gw wkt kecil apa ? Pagi2 waktu bangun tidur, gw suka banget cuci penggaris busur, terus pelan2 gw serot itu penggaris busur di T-Zone gw. Ngumpulin minyak. Terus gw lap si penggaris pake tissue, cuci lagi si penggaris busur. 

Nah, muka oily ini turunan dari babe en nyak yg emang jerawat mereka berdua sempet gone to serious case juga dimana mereka perlu ke dokter berkali kali. Gw pasrah terima nasib minyak ini dengan senang hati now, not necessarily then. 

Why ? Karena benernya, minyak di muka ini yg bikin kita jadi lebih lama keriputan.

Nah, gw yg ga ngerti ini dulu, demen banget kan basmi minyak sama oil blotter. Padahal  ini benernya malah nambah produksi minyak di muka kita, which in the end malah tambah jerawat. So buat yg sering nge blot, dikurangin dikit yah dari sekarang ? Pake blotter secukupnya, jangan terlalu sering. Karena naturally body kita punya system buat adjust humidity di muka kita. Kl kita sering2 wipe, it reads the fact that muka kita kurang moist, in which dia malah produce more oil to humidify the face. 

3>  Cara pake oil blotter yg bener itu ditempel di daerah minyak, terus dorong2 dikit sampe minyaknya keserep. Selesai satu area, angkat blot papernya, pindahin ke daerha lain. Yg ga bener, ditempelin terus di bawa puter2 satu muka kayak pake anduk lap muka (yg sering gw lakukan benernya, karena gw yg model males do the the first step). Gw jg masih belajar sabar buat lakuin langkah blot oil yg benar :) 

4> Kl ada choice, en kl mukanya ga terlalu oily, coba angkat oilnya pake clean white tissue, instead of oil blot. At least dia ga take out all the necessary moist on the face. 

5> Last, but not least, as I say above, a necessary amount of oil in our face is totally necessary buat jaga kita against wrinkle. Jadi, don't hate the oily face. Yg mukanya berminyak kayak gw and you are much younger than me, sabar2 yah. As we grow older, our oil production jg adjust to much lesser. At one point, jerawat jg bakalan ga seganas zaman aktif2nya kita as teens. In fact, by then kita bakalan wish for our face to be slightly a little bit more active, coz as the oil goes away, the wrinkles come in. 

6> Final note : no matter how smooth and fair your skin is now, treat your face skin right from young age. Do the necessary treatment !! Do !! Gw jg orang yg malesh do all that kl emang ini muka ga jerawatan. But no denying, we need it ! So do the most basic from young: use SUN BLOCK !!! Super penting !! And when the age come, moisturize moisturize moisturize !!

In the end, mari kita embrace tambang minyak di muka kita :) Sambil dirawat sepenuh dan seperlunya :)  Spt kata pepatah, ga ada cewek jelek !! Cuman ada cewek malesh :P
Hidup minyak !! Huat ah !! 

Friday, February 8, 2013

ok deh..... saatnya buat angkat suara

On my way pulang indo buat CNY en pesawat ayee delay 40 menit.
Now, dalam waktu 12 menit gw perlu selesai-in this posting.

Dan karena udah di-endorse, maka gw ga ragu2 lagi buat angkat suara buat topik lg hot bener di FB gw, esp temen2 gw yg Singaporean.

Yup : si white paper, rencana pemerintah buat nambahin mahluk di bumi Singapura jadi 6.9MM (baca 6.9 juta) jiwa.

Okay, gw ga akan jadi anak durhaka yg lupa kulit ataupun akar. Gw ngerti gw dateng Singapore because the lovely government (then) sangat welcome foreigner2 spt gw disini. Dan : tentunya gw bersyukur.

Hari berjalan, dari yg awalnya susah bener gw masuk ke lingkungan Singapore, susah temenan sama orang Singapore, sampe akhirnya gw masuk dunia kerja en temenan sama ...makin banyak Singaporeans, some are definitely will be my friends for life (Kiyoko).....tentunya kecintaaan gw terhadap negara ini dikit2 makin dipupuk...

Ga dipungkiri, with the added years and fact that I know, buat gw pulang Indo seh itu butuh muzizat punya, chance dan will gw buat ganti warna passport udah makin deket ke 80 :20

HOWEVER, news 6.9MM yg marak bener dari 2 minggu lalu bikin gw....take a step back... abit.

Gw bukan Singaporean, tp kebayang ga Jakartee kite yg punya masalah nyang sama (failing birth rate). Terus datengin foreigners2 dari negeri tetangga. Dan coba bayangin kita kerja di jakarta dalam kondisi gitu. Terus jalan2 di mall kanan kiri dengernya bahasa tetangge selain English en Belandee... dimane mane...

Bayangin sedikit itu aja, gw cukup miris. Ga malu2 gw akan declare kl gw cukup simpati sama orang2 SG yg kl naek MRT, bahasa yg rame sometimes bukan Singlish. Apalagi holiday season....yah tau sendiri lah yah kl negare kite demen banget jalan2 wisata kesini

Nah mungkin emang kita bukan SG-an. Tp pake akal sehat mikir aja lah yah, en imagine you are parents gimana anak2 SG ke depannya belajar their core values, personality and culture kl geto ?

Dan ember leh, kl tempat kerja di invade terus terus and terusan sama additional orang, kasian ga seh competitionnya mereka di kedepannya ????

Wah ini makin lama ngomong gw makin sounded like SG-an ini... hahah makanya gw bilang 80:20 gw chance gw lunturin passport.

Now balik ke topik utama si 6.9MM. Waktu dengeri 6.9MM itu, langsung ratio gw mo ganti passport juga ikutan luntur jadi 50:50 lagi. Kenapa ?

Karena gw (en loe2 pada juga) adalah korban yg ngerasain panasnya, demeknya, ga enaknya dempet2an di MRT, Bus, or susah dapet Cab, plush mobil yg harganya makin ajee gilee !! Gw dateng kesini mencoba cari sedikit tempat buat nafas di luar seseknya kota Jakarta. Kl negara singa tercinta ini punya orientasi buat jadi Hongkong di masa depan, lah apa yah ga mendingan gw ke HK sekalian, denger2 gaji juga mendingan ?

En...reaksi dari Singapore pplnya juga, kl dibaca baik2....marak bener euy!! Coba cari Mr. Inderjit Singh punya speech di parliament. Gw akuin dia mungkin sounded agak sedikit (buat yg sensitive pasti berasa banyak) menyudutkan foreigners. Kl dah gini, pasti dong ga ada temen2 Indo kita yg ngelike this review di FB, betul ??

Kenyataanya ga demikian. Gw like the page and I can find some Indo friends who like the page too. Dia speak from valid points. Yg namanya bikin orang jadi tertanam rasa patriotisme en kecintaan di suatu negara itu doesn't take 2-3 years or even 5 years. Gw udah idup disini selama 12 taon, en liat chance gw buat lunturin passport, masih cuman 80:20. 12 Taon !!

12 Taon gw disini, dan lidah en hati gw....once in a while, masih berpulang ke Indo.

Terus coba liat chartnya 6.9MM. Singaporean nya cuman 4 juta (itu udah di added foreigners yg take citizenship). All in all, SG-an jadi cuman sekitar 3.5MM. 50% dari 6.9MM. Kasian ga seh ??

Yah... ini napa gw ranting soal beginian pas mo pulang Indo buat CNY coba. HAHAHA :p

Yah .... gw ngomong segini dulu deh. Bakal gw tambahin lagi sepatah dua patah kata soal ini hot topic. Gw juga hots, se hots hot topic ini.

Tuesday, February 5, 2013

January yang takkan kembali

Padahal February baru lewat 5 hari ....Tapi somehow gw kangen last January .... mungkin coz last January feels SO DIFFERENT than any other January I've ever had :)

Pertama tama.. well ini berita basi...tapi sorry bener buat yg bln gw kasih tau :P Ceritanya neh...aye promosi teman temin *ahoyyyy ... Setelah 4.5 taon gersang ga denger kata P, akhirnya jawaban doa gw tiba juga *

Buat yg dah pernah di promosi, pasti ngerti pai seh nya kl di selamatin buat promosi itu gimana. Soalnya benernya kl di grafikkin seh ati gw dah kayak lampu disco neon kedap kedip alongside Black eye pea song ala kutu loncat kerasukan ... seneng tiada tara gitu loh !! 

Yah gimana ga seneng seh 4.5 taon cuyyyyyyyy !!! lama ajeeeeehhh... kl punya anak udah K1 ituh !! Pertama kali promo after gw lewat 2.5 taon kerja, terus naek ke second levelnya cepet bener !! 2 years only !! Nah..abis itu donk....gersangggg bener!! Sampe2 aer mata udah netes 10 ember kali #lebay 

Nah karena itulah, kl diselamatin pas promosi jadi bingung getoh mo kasih expresi yg gimana....karena yah loe tau lah, ga semuanya yg nyelamatin loe itu tulus nyelamatin (hehehehehe....kerja dan politiknya) tetep jg ada suporter sejati loe yg bener2 tulus selamatin loe...yg loe bisa tear up kl liat expresi mereka jg... en juga karena emang loe bingung gitu mo reaksi gimana....kayak banyak orang think that a big thing while di gw mungkin see that not so big thing karena halloooo....udah 4.5 taon dari terakhir gw di promosi cuy ?? kl masih ga dpt mah mending gw mikir ulang ini kerjaan buat gw apa bukan ...... but at the same time this not so small thing too actually.....heh...jelasinnya aja bingung :P ehhehehh 

Cuman yah gitu, ga mungkin donk loe mesem ga jelas kasih liat muka loe yg kayak lagi jatoh cintrong geto kejatohan bulan getho.... yah pokoknya susah deh jaga ekspresi yg bener

Karena itulah hari itu gw cuman tulis di FB kl gw bener bener SENENG AMAT SANGAT LUAR BIASA !!!! yg disangka sama Lydia and Dachan urusan Israel... ehheehh :P maap ye kl gw ga correct loe orang :P 

Anyway kl boleh ngomong jujur gw benernya udah ngarep banget dipromosiin awal taon lalu en cukup kecewa (read : nangis) wkt gw ga dapet last year !! But you know what ? God's know the best timing !! Have I learned alot more in 2012, things that I have never learnt for 8 years in the bank before ? Oh yes definitely !! So, do I think that I deserve the promo more now in 2013 than then in 2012 ? 

No. Hehe....Gw tetep ngerasa, technically and knowledge wise, I had had what it takes back then in 2012. BUT...there's a but off course. God gives me 1 year, a year of seasoning & maturing ! It's not the growth of what can learned over text book or training that I got in the last one year! It's the growth of intangible knowledge that only age and seasons, can bring :) 

And for that, saya senang telah dibuat Tuhan untuk menunggu:) Gw yakin ga ada yg aminin ini sentence karena kita manusia paling ga suka nunggu..hehe.. bener apa bener ?? 

Dan lanjut dari soal nunggu, Ko Harun kemaren itu khotbah di salah satu kebaktian 3 in January speaking about Jesus word di wedding at Canna yg bilang "What do you want me to do woman? My time is not right (not here) yet" 

So di minggu itu, ceritanya gw harus deal sama satu client. Sang Mr ini cukup low profile accountnya. Cuman aja dia bukan org yg low profile dalam idupnya. Sebut saja beliau pernah menjabat jadi yg plg tinggi dari satu jawatan di indo yg kl di singapore equivalent to PUB. Nah, tebak sendiri aja yah instansinya apa :P So gw udah coba contact Mr ini dengan berbagai daya cara dan upaya. Ada deadline yg harus gw penuhin buat account dia. 

Since dia cukup merupakan orang penting dalam kehidupannya sehari hari, wajar kl beliau sibuk. Upaya gw buat hubungin sang Mr hanya berhasil sekali sajah titik. Selanjutnya, mulailah my drying effort buat contact sang Mr, karena memang gw juga ga mo ganggu dia terus terusan since gw inget beliau adalah orang sibuk en penting. So akhirnya sampelah kita ke deket hari deadlinenya, gw pun ngirik bendera putih setengah tiang alias berduka atas kegagalan gw !! 

Tgl deadlinenya gw ga bakal lupa, well siapa yg bakal lupa coba. Hari banjir sejakarte : 17 Jan 2013. So tanggal 16 Jan malem gw sampe sedikit OT muter pala buat siapin memo akibat kegagalan gw dapetin tanda tangan Mr tenar ini. 

Tgl 17 Januari pagi, memo yg dah gw siapin perlu ditanda tanganin banyak atasan! So gw baca sekali lagi, print out, en kasih atasan #1 tanda tangan. 

Guess what dong ? Jam 12.30 siang, Mr. Tenar X TELEPON gw, bilang gw dgn happynya kl dia udah merespond apa yg gw request, dan semuanya udah siap di email gw !!..TADAAAAA !!! 

Selesai telpon tutup, memo yg dah gw siapin dengan sedikit tetes keringet malam sebelomnya dan tentunya mubazir sekarang, balik ke tangan gw !!

Langsung gw inget khotbah Ko Harun :) Woman, what do you want me to do ? Well I want You to enable me to contact Mr. Popular X Lord. But woman, My time is not here yet, and My ways are not your ways. Truly, manusia bisa berusaha tp emang bener "You hold my world in Your Hands" Tepat 17 Januari..... pas dunia lagi pusing sama banjir, Mr Tenar X bisa inget buat contact gw !! Kl bukan Tuhan, siapa ?? 

Yup !! cuman Tuhan yang bisa kerjain semua itu, dan cuman Tuhan juga yg udah keluarin Papa gw dari rumah sakit setelah check up kemaren, with a VERY GOOD notes, free of cancer ataupun tumour... Jadi masuklah kita ke topic ke 3 yaitu my babe !! 

Tepat di saat kantor gw masuk ke historical breaking moment dimana kita break deals record achievement yg berakibat kita harus draw a new system approach to work under very tight deadline di tanggal 31 January, di minggu yg sama bokap gw decide buat biopsi buat cari tau benjolan di bodynya yg mungkin bikin pipisnya berdarah itu, apah benernya : tumor/ kanker/ bukan apa2 ? 

Caranya : biopsi !! Denger kata biopsi seh gw jiper, palagi denger penjelasannya dari dede gw yg belajar medical. Bokap seh jiper sampe ga bisa tidur jam 4 pagi katanya. Di sisi gw seh yah spt biasa. Worry gw ga keliatan kl diliat pake mata biasa, tp dibalik muka gw, pikiran gw focus terus ke this biopsi thingy. One side gw takut on the outcome, but another side gw berasa "Who knows if God has His own way to deal with my Dad !! " Off course gw maunya all clean, tp kl sampe ga ? 

Jadi bokap masuk rumah sakitnya selasa kemaren, rabu malemnya itu operasi biopsinya. Hari itu gw temenin El ke Savour (thank you El btw ngajak gw makan enak). Seblon pergi gw titip doa panjang lebar ke Jenita en Icha yg bakalan FA hari itu. 

Malemnya Dede gw telepon laporan....en puji Tuhan : my dad is clean of any of those what we feared off. Pffffhhhh. Gw got the news in MRT. Gw sampe pull oneside dulu to breathe, praise, and Thank God !! Phew.....That feeling of freedom is so liberating !! 

Dan kalo mo tambahin cerita manis2nya January, akan gw summarize in these following points : 
1> I thank God for re-burning my passion for Him, for being & serving in TLG, for serving in TLG Danz, and believe it or not : FA Blessed and ....Royal yg sering gw crash malam sabtu dinnernya !
2> Buat Depots, buat Gill, buat El, buat Xilin, Kiyoko dan for all da girlfriends in my life
3> Buat bonus #hehehehehe en buat increment
4> For family and relatives in SG :) 

Oh my friend : God is good, all the time and all the time God is good !! Betul ?? 

With that I end this posting, Thanking God It's (was) January !! 
and now, hellow February !!! 

bombie {=^o^=}